Vacation, Well Maybe

It's a rainy day this morning and I tried to sleep in a bit but the carpel tunnel in my right hand doesn't allow me to stay down too long.  I use and abuse that hand a lot with painting, knitting and crocheting all the time.  I can definitely tell that my joints are feeling my 55 years lately and I know that will only get worse if I don't keep up the exercise, so onward I go with that.  Move, move, move!   

produce from my little garden - wilted lettuce salad and stir fry - yummy 


We went to the cabin this weekend and had a most wonderful time.  It was quiet and peaceful and I want to go back.  In fact, I proposed the idea to The Hubby yesterday that I wanted to take a vacation, soon, like this month, before the granddaughter makes her appearance.  He was intrigued and asked me where.  I told him I wanted to go to the cabin, he and I, for an entire week, no going back to Tulsa.  I wanted to go before it got stifling from the Oklahoma summer and while the fish are biting for him.  We HAVE a vacation home we only use for weekends and I think we need to use it for a vacation.  We have no plans for any travel in the foreseeable future, why not.  He needs a rest, I need a rest from town.  He is on board and kind of excited for the opportunity.  The stars are aligning for us to do this sometime in the next three weeks.  I can't wait to make it happen!!!!  We may not get another chance like this for awhile before we start more construction on the house (yes, I wrote that) and before our world changes with the grandbaby.   


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