Valentine Gifts For The Girls

 If you don't want to give just candy to your kiddos and if you like to splurge on Valentine's Day, here is our wrap up of fun ideas for girls.  (Boys are scheduled for tomorrow!)


1.  Sweetheart Tees.  We are in love with these cute tees!
2.  Heart Message Pillows. These cute pillows would be adorable plopped on a bed full of pillows. 

3. Pink Birdcage Music Box.  I am in love with this, from Pottery Barn Kids

4.  Valentine Treat Boxes.  They can be personalized.

5.  I absolutely love these Cupcake Beanies.  How cute!

6.  Play-Doh Cologne, why not?

7.  Ice Cream Cone soap.  Probably not practical to use, but how cute would this look in a bathroom?

8.  Cupcake Band-Aids.  Shouldn't every girl feel fashionable, even when she has a boo-boo?