Valentine’s Day –Three Reasons To Make it a Work of Heart

Tomorrow is the big day.  Valentine's Day!

While some of you have been waiting and planning since we began 2014, from the comments I've seen on social media, I think more of you have been dreading it. 

It seems like a majority of folks this year are denouncing it as a “greeting card holiday”, created by companies to grab your dough during the drought between Christmas and Mother’s day.  

While this may be true – at least somewhat, my heart won’t let me believe it. 

So, today you will find me, skating out onto the center of the iced over pond that has become our reality this winter, to tell you where I stand on this:

 Valentine’s Day IS a Big Deal!

 Call me a sappy romantic, I don’t care - it wouldn’t be the first time.

In our crazy-busy, connected but not, here today, gone tomorrow world, February 14th offers a date on the calendar set aside to tell those that you care about:

  •  You LOVE them. 
  • You're thinking of them.
  • They matter to you. 

It's really that simple, and yet it's something we don’t do nearly enough. 

Now, if you are one of the people that, on a daily basis, tells the one(s) you love how you feel, I wholeheartedly commend you.  To you, I say, “Guess what? This life thing, YEP – You're doing it right.”

Ghosts of Valentine's Days Past?

Many of us have a Valentine's nightmare in our memory banks that causes us to break out in hives at the mere mention of this holiday.

I remember in the 2nd grade I spent my entire allowance on a  “big as your head”, heart shaped card for my blonde haired, blue-eyed crush.  My little hands were shaking as I walked over to him during the Valentine’s Day party at school and handed him what I thought would seal our love for all time. He took one look at my offering, and without even opening it, added it to the stack he had collected that day.  Yes, he was that boy, the one ALL of the girls LOOOOVED. I was heartbroken, well, as heartbroken as you can be about a boy in 2nd grade. 

If an experience like that has caused you to give up on this holiday, I have three reasons why you really should give it another go, and celebrate Valentine’s Day this year: 

1. Hell Has Frozen Over. Okay, maybe not literally, but this winter has some major chops.  It’s making the Abominable Snowman look like, well, Cupid without the bow and arrow. 

This year, when most everyone, everywhere, has faced either subzero temperatures, mountains of snow, paralyzing ice storms, or some combination thereof, I believe even the smallest amount of Valentine’s cheer might be just what is needed to warm up the most winter weather weary of us. 

Echoing Hearts Image


2. You Can Make it the One to Beat. Just Once, Be "THAT" Guy or Gal. You know the one who goes over the top, over plans,  and/or overpays for this hearts and flowers holiday?  I say this year, let it be you.  

 Order the largest arrangement of roses to be delivered. Cut out construction paper hearts, pour your heart out on them, then arrange them in a heart-shape on the bed. Give lingerie, lobster tails, candles, rose petals, jewelry – come on, you know what “it” is that hits the one you love right in the heart.  Take aim! Then take a shot at making this THE BEST VALENTINE'S DAY EVER...the one to which your loved one  will compare all of the Valentine’s Days to come. Yes, this year, be that guy, or gal. 

 courtesy echoinghearts

3. Borrowed People, Borrowed Time.  Your people – the ones you love, well, they are only loaned to you here on earth for a limited time, the good Lord is going to ask for them back some day. Take this chance, make this the moment you celebrate them!

Those are the three best reasons I have for celebrating Valentine’s Day, 2014. 

What's that you say? “I’m not in a relationship.”, or “I’m broke.”

Valentine's Day is a great day to celebrate all of the people you love, and showing you care this holiday doesn’t have to be expensive.

Grab a pack (or two) of those red, heart shaped lollipops – you know the ones, I think they come in packs of a dozen or more (and probably cost less than that card I got that boy in the second grade.) Cut them apart, and pass them out to the people that matter to you.

 I think we can all afford to do that, and I know, we can’t afford not to.  


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