Valentine's day

i was at work today and someone told me Happy Valentine's day and I said thank you. They then asked if I was expenting flowers or chocolate when I got home. I said no. I have been with fiance for 4 years, he knows I love flowers, and what woman doesn't like candy or chocolate!?

Valentine's day is nothing like it should be. It is now something that you have to go out and buy something for your significant other. You go to dinner. But what does that do? Show you love your other on this day. But only this day. You are assigned a day that you must do something or your woman will get mad. 

Is this day really for expressing love or for someonwo get mad because it was not what we expected. Look back on how you have acted in the past. Did you feel embarrassed?

Love your partner everyday, all the time. On February 14th, July 10th, and October 25th, because you love them. Not because the national holiday says so. 

- amy elaine <3



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