Valentine's Day Bulletin Board

V-Day bulletin board

Here is a great idea submitted by Kit of Pittsboro, Indiana.

This “sweet” bulletin board idea would be perfect in your church for Valentine’s Day. For a school bulletin board, you could change the wording to something like, “1st Graders are so sweet” or “Valentine’s Day is so sweet.”

You will need:

  • White craft paper
  • Red border
  • Diecut letters
  • Plain white paper plates
  • Red paint & paintbrushes (or markers)
  • Plastic wrap
  • Ribbon of your choice
  • Various hearts (foam or paper doilies)
  • Stapler
  1. First, determine how many paper plate “peppermints” will fit on your bulletin board. Paint the back side of each plate in a cute design. Allow to dry. Put a layer of plastic wrap on the bottom and top of your plate. Cinch together the 2 sides and tie with ribbon.
  2. Staple the white craft paper and red border to the bulletin board. Place the letters where you want them.
  3. Staple your peppermint plates all over your board and mix in some other decorative hearts.

V-Day bulletin board2

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