Valentine's Day is Coming. Lighten Up!

When did Valentine’s Day become such a BIG deal? At some point when I wasn’t looking, Valentine’s Day went from being a lighthearted fun semi-holiday -to- another over-the-top, loud, commercial *Holiday* accompanied by feelings of annoyance and angst for so many. It’s not really about “who do you love” anymore. It’s about gifts and lavish displays of…well, I’m not sure what.


Once I received a beautiful bouquet of roses from a guy I’d broken up with 6-8 months earlier. We really weren’t speaking and he’s not the sentimental type, so I was more than a little suspect. So I called the florist and learned that he had set up, years ago when we first started dating, an automatic “send her flowers on Valentine’s Day” thingy. So each V-Day... Read more:






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