Valentine's Day Crafts for Kindergarten Kiddos

I teach Kindergarten, Grade 1, and Grade 2.  My Kindergarten classes have reading buddies a couple times a month with a grade 2 and a grade 2/3 split class.  I wanted to do something for buddies that had to do with Valentine’s Day, so naturally I headed on over to Pinterest.

Unfortunately, the Pin that I pinned is gone, and so I can’t link it up for you.  I can find the idea on Google in an image search, but I’m very leery of posting Google Image pictures in my blogs to avoid copyright infringement, so you’ll just have to deal with my explanation and a picture of my end result.

SO here’s the general idea!  Take a glue gun and make all kinds of cool Valentine’s Day messages on sections of cardboard.  I did things like hearts, flowers, and quotes like “You are my Sunshine” and “I wuv you” and “You Rock.”  Just be creative and make a whole bunch.  Just like the leaf rubbings we used to do as kids, then, you slip them under a piece of paper and go over them with a flat crayon.

I gave the plates to my Kinders and let the 2s and 3s help them keep the paper and plates still while they did the rubbings.  They got to make a Valentine’s Day Card for anyone they wanted, and if they wanted a personalized message, their buddies would help them with the writing.

This is my sample (all four pages of it).  They turned out pretty well!  I was pleased.  The kids made some really cute ones.



Pro Tip:  Don’t use corrugated Cardboard.  The corrugated lines show up through the glue gunned words/pictures unless you colour/rub VERY carefully (which, if you’ve ever asked a 4-year-old to do, you’ll know won’t happen).  I found cracker boxes and cereal boxes worked best.


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