Valentine's Day - Do You Love it or Hate It?

Many people have a strong opinion of Valentine’s Day. It’s either the worst holiday ever invented by Hallmark or it’s the day where you expect nothing less from your mate but chocolate, flowers and lots of sex. Maybe a good bottle of wine and a gourmet meal if you remembered to make a dinner reservation.

It seems that there is a great divide – and an expectation that each of us takes a side for Valentine’s Day. Singles vs. couples. Either you hate it or you love and embrace it. Like with Congress, there is no compromise, no middle of the road where you let the day pass however it passes, letting people enjoy whatever they enjoy.

Which is why V-Day brings with it an anxiety like no other holiday.

One with lots of snarky blog posts or articles with tips on what to get your sweetheart or how to seduce him with a delicious batch of brownies (thank you Mary-Louise Parker!).

Either you want your partner to be as excited about V-Day as you are and really put effort into making the day special (since hello, you are baking those damn brownies!), or you will silently curse all the couples around you for getting their stupid flowers delivered to the office.

Arrghh, is there a holiday filled with more pressure?

I’m not sure what the answers are going forward – do we revel in the fact that we can go to a bar on February 14th and enjoy not paying for a prix-fixed meal at a restaurant? Or do we bend over backwards to try and please a romantic partner and ignore the other 364 days of the year? Can we just let the day pass without a snarky comment or more “tips” on how to get all romantical?

Probably not. There is a certain charge to V-Day because it’s all about showing romantic love. If you’re single, you might think about what you don’t have in your life. And if you’re coupled up, you might fantasize about what your partner will do, where he’ll take you, how he’ll surprise you – and then perhaps you’re disappointed if he doesn’t come through (like the last-minute CVS run – thanks SNL!)

Let’s call a truce before we’re all stressed out over nothing. V-Day is a good day to remember what we do have. (I love you friends – thanks for all the holidays spent watching Vagina Monologues and doing shots!) We all have love in our lives, romantic or not. Shouldn’t that be the point of celebrating?


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