VALENTINES DAY is just One Day, to be Romantic Every Day ! Nights/Evenings too...

First of All, as per All Earlier Blog Posts, She really would have to All Beautiful/Pretty Looking in Real Life, her Own. to have any Love Life. Too Obvious.

Then. Well, really the Guy makes the moves on pretty little Her, All by himself!!


Once beyond Single, really a Pretty Shimmery Body all of the time!! 

Silk Stockings Are just, like a Must nearly Any Day.  the Underwear is Actually lingerie itself these Days.  Dresses and Skirts. Only wear Heels Each Day too.  Designer Jeans are Great Each Other Day. Chiffon blouses can be Every Spring Day! Perfume and Make-Up And Jewelry Each Day/Evening.  Nights really call for Dancing in some sort of strappy, Spangly heels.  Glitters Are just for Saturday Nights. get on some tiny tight Shiny Dresses Every weekend and Go Out!


Candlelight is for the BedRoom and Baths.  Eat Godiva chocolates Always, like Every week.  Get a Manicure whenever. 


Silk Bedsheets are Everyday Silk.  those fabric Rose petals can be tossed Around the BedRoom and House All the Time.


 Well, this Year Valentines Day is On Friday Night! Eat the heart Shaped box of chocolates, Drinking some Ice Wine and Have Fun!!




AnitaG. G. stands for GIRL {, the Girl is my Best Friend Not to worry All Fans!!}

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