This Valentine's Day My Heart Belongs To....Optimus Prime?

I love making crafts - knitting, scrapbooking or making cards, collages or photos, you name it and I'm game to try making it.  Like any crafty mom, I’ve spent the past few weeks  scouring the web for super cute and easy Valentine’s Day ideas and pinning them to my “Craft Ideas” Pinterest board.  My hope was to make some fun handmade Valentine craft/card with my kindergartener son to give out his class.

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You can find links to all these crafts from my Pinterest Craft Ideas board

I had some great options.  I eliminated all the food-based options such as Super Hero lollipop and candy rings Valentine’s Day crafts since my son’s school has a ban on all junk food.   I thought he’d go for the Valentine pencil toppers (pencils, erasers, stickers and the like are okay to give out by the school’s rules) made of pipe cleaners or even making hearts made of crayons, but my boy would have none of it.

He wanted to go “old school” and get those packaged Valentine’s Day boxes of cards you can find at your local big box retailer or drugstore.   He couldn’t make up his mind as to what cartoon character-based cards he wanted to get.  First it was Angry Birds, then Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, ooh, there’s Pokemon and then good ole' Spidey but maybe I should get the Lego Ninjago  ones!  He was literally like a kid in a candy store,totally  appropriate for this holiday.


Eventually he settled on Transformers “Dark of the Moon” Valentines and mini erasers.  We bought two boxes of 16 to make sure everyone in his class would get one.   I sat down with him at our dining room table this past weekend during the big snowstorm to help him write them all out.

   ValentinesDay1    ValentinesDay4

My boy took his time and carefully printed out his name out with a red Sharpie on each one.  We kept referring to his class list as he wrote one out for each of his classmates, giving an extra swirl or dot on the ones for his BFFs.  He folded them up and put them in the enclosed Transformer envelope with an eraser and it was my job to put some stickers on it to seal them up.

 ValentinesDay5 ValentinesDay2

I’m looking forward to him coming home after school on Valentine’s Day to see all the cards he gets.  He’ll be bringing them home in a Valentine’s Day mailbox craft he made at school.


I’m sure his won’t be as Valentine-y as this one, knowing my boy it will have a mix of Star Wars, cars, LEGO®s and Godzilla – but why not make it with the things he loves.

I know I love him, his sister and his dad very much.  I’m very lucky to have them all in my life and share this Valentine’s Day with them.    They truly are the loves of my life – and I know I am theirs.  I don’t need a Transformer Valentine to tell me that….but maybe some flowers ♥

Now it’s your turn to share.  Do you celebrate Valentine's Day by exchanging cards, candy, flowers, etc.with your loved ones?