Valentines treats....

So, this year I actually got gifts for a holiday ahead of time and have stuck to my schedule. I decided to do 14 days of valentines for my husband. I even had the first three days gifts packed for the trip. It can be just about anything. Some things I have given so far are Reese's pieces and said I love you to pieces. Cheetos snack bag and said orange you glad I am your valentine?! Eclipse gum and wrote total eclipse of my heart. It doesn't have to be food but does make for a sweet treat. Today's gift is gummy lifesavers with a note that says you are my lifesaver. He really appreciates them and told people at work. That makes me feel appreciated. So, we are still trying to fight this cold. I managed to clean upstairs today. Heck I even dusted the ceiling fans. Thanks to our daughters three hour nap! Things are coming together for Sunday. Just have to get food together, vacuum, pickup balloons and cupcakes and tie bows on chairs. I feel less stressed but know on Sunday I will be a maniac ha. With all the craziness going on I made a great and easy recipe the other night. It took no time at all and it was on Wednesday night. That night for us is crazy. Husband gets home at 5 and I leave at 6 for church group. Get one large can of grands, jr biscuits or two 6oz cans. One jar pizza or marinara sauce. One cup of shredded cheese and pizza toppings of choice. Follow biscuit cooking directions for temperature and time. Lay biscuits close together in pan. Top with sauce, cheese and toppings. May take a little longer to cook if have a lot of toppings. For sanity I just stuck with pepperoni. Enjoy!


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