The Value of Teaching Kids to Cook

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In the quest to help kids learn how to eat more healthfully, no tool is as powerful as the ability to cook for themselves. In this thoughtful post from Sarah's Cucina Bella, Sarah Caron talks about a simple meal made and shared with her daughter, Paige, and why she will make sure each of her children grows up knowing their way around the kitchen.

...I want my kids to know how to feed themselves … without ordering in. Cooking is one of those essential skills that everyone should have — though not everyone does. By inviting my kids into the kitchen and talking them through what I am doing (and also letting them do some cooking too), they are getting an early introduction to how food is made. And someday, when they are older and head off to college, they’ll have this to take with them.


Read the full post at Sarah's Cucina Bella.

Image credit: Sarah Caron, used by permission

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