Vampires and Ghosties and Graveyards OH MY!

So for Christmas I lucked out and received three new books, which for me is like, the best present. (ok clothes, jewels and money are always appreciated).

The first two books are the first two in the "Sookie Stackhouse" series, (by Charlaine Harris) upon which the HBO series "True Blood" are based. Now I asked for the first book, because I thought the premise for the show was interesting (and I don't get HBO so I figured, I'd read the books and decide if renting the DVDs would be worth it or not). The second book was a bonus. And here is my review:


Ok that's not exactly fair. Some parts were interesting. But this is the first time that I've read a book where I really couldn't give a flying flip what happened to *anyone* in the story. I, honestly, can't stand Sookie Stackhouse. And her vampire boyfriend came close to turning me off the entire vampire genre, and that, my friends, is HUGE. I just don't like him. He just squees me out. Both of them really. And I'm a girl who has a huge soft spot for vampires. I didn't find them to be funny or amusing. I did like the premise still though, but if the show is like the books I'm good with not going any further. Though the titles of the books are relatively clever. And I know they are hugely successful but I think I'm ending my involvement at book two. Sorry Ms. Harris. I'm sure you'll do fine without me.

The third book I received was "The Graveyard Book" by Neil Gaiman. YES! This was an AWESOME book! I'm so glad I read it last. (It took me about 6 hours and that's with interruptions from small people insisting that I parent them). The story is about a boy who's parents are murdered when he is 18 months old. He's supposed to be murdered also but manages to slip away and toddle himself up the hill to the old graveyard (which is now also a nature preserve) where he is found by a sweet old lady ghost and subsequently protected by her and a vampire, against the killer, who has followed him. Real Mom and Dad recently ghosted ghosties show up and Mom begs the lady ghost to protect her son and then they have to leave because they aren't going to belong to that graveyard. So in essence, the baby is adopted by the old lady ghost and her husband and, as the vampire (who becomes his guardian) says "It takes a graveyard to raise a child". God I love Neil Gaiman. So yes, a living boy is raised by a graveyard full of ghosties. It's VERY GOOD. And despite the subject matter, is not morbid or gory or even creepy, in any way. I highly recommend it (though, ok I cried at the end. It wasn't written to be sad, but I cried anyway.)

Now, go forth and read!

"<a href="">Dead Until Dark</a>" by Charlaine Harris

"<a href="">Living Dead in Dallas</a>" by Charlaine Harris

"<a href="">The Graveyard Book</a>" by Neil Gaiman


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