Vampires, Hooded Heroes and Love Triangles

The CW, once known as the WB, is famous for having addicting television shows that often get deemed "guilty pleasures." Most people, myself included, are instantly drawn to the drama, romance and fantasy that are usually represented within these shows. This fall, there are two new shows that I'm obsessed with and another that is on its fourth season I've been addicted to since day one. 

Arrow and Beauty and the Beast are welcome additions to the CW network. Not only is there a really attractive cast, they are both superhero-ish. Arrow has the rogue hero wanting justice with maybe a little vengeance in there as well. Beauty and the Beast has a super soldier seen as a monster and threat to his creators but is really a hero in disguise for the women of the city especially the star femme fatale . Both shows have impending love triangles and uncovered drama just waiting to be unleashed.

Vampire Diaries is not new to the small screen but there are recent twists that have completely changed the game. This show is a fan favorite and there is so much more happening this season. There have only been two episodes so far and they already have me at the edge of my seat each time. There are constant surprises and just some of the common themes that we, Vampire Diaries fans, love. 

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