A Discovery of Witches: Vampires, Witches, and Daemons! Oh My!

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Dear Deborah,

You totally left me hanging. How did the house know they made it? What the heck are they doing where they are now? Can I be more vague in an effort to keep from spoiling anyone?

Going in, I expected a typical chick-lit type book with a supernatural slant. That, I am completely thrilled to say, is not at all what I ended up reading. Sure, there is a romance, and yes, it does move a little fast and require some suspension of disbelief... and not because the man in question is a vampire. But more than that, it jumps into history and science and DNA and all kinds of things I didn't completely understand, but hey, the information all seemed to make sense to the characters, so it all worked for me.

I did get a little leery halfway in, when we start learning a bit more Diana, our main character. She's a witch who doesn't use her witchy powers for good or evil and would prefer to pretend they don't exist at all. Naturally, she is the daughter of an exceptional witch, so we all know it's just a matter of time before her powers go BOOM. And BOOM they go, and I cringed a little, as not only is she a SUPER POWERFUL WITCH, she has all kinds of powers that no one else has had in that combination ever. It's handled fairly well, but I still don't understand witchwater at all. Maybe next time Diana could just have a good cry instead of trying to flood the place. Just a suggestion. Although witchfire is definitely cool, and I could totally get behind having that power handy.

Diana skated pretty close to "Mary Sue" territory with that, and I swear, I thought she was about to tilt right over the line when we got into the discussion of whether vampires can knock up a woman, but we avoided that. Narrowly. VERY NARROWLY.

I did really enjoy the world building, especially the three different types of "creatures" -- witches, vampires, and daemons. Vampires are designed as neither the Buffy kind nor the Edward kind. These have heartbeats and breath -- just much more slowly than humans. But daemons are what really interested me. They're the rock stars, the poets, the creatives always right on the edge of genius and madness. And with discussions with long lived vampires, we learn that a lot of past creative geniuses and madmen were, in fact, daemons.

The ending both frustrated me and worked for me. It's not a nice neat ending all tied up in a bow, but it's clean enough that I can't tell if it's setting up for a sequel or not. I hope it is. I need to know more about where they went. I need to know more about the ghosts and the house and the Knights of whatever.


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