Vancouver BlogHers: Call For Ideas!

Hey, guess what? You have 90 days to try and lose those 10 pounds you don't really need to because you look gorgous, dahling, and buy the plane ticket you've procrastinated for months now because the walk from here to Chicago, though possible, isn't going to do a thing for your shoes.

Oh, wait, that's just me? Dag.

Either way, BlogHer 09 is almost here and it's crunch time, kids. Are you ready? Do you even know what ready means? ARE YOU FREAKING THE HELL OUT YET?  Or did you wait too long to buy your tickets to the conference and now you'll be watching CSI Miami re-runs while I try my hand at puking in another five star hotel's toilets* we're all in Chicago trying to get some face-time with Dooce?

No matter what, we've got you covered. BlogHer has arranged for mini-BlogHer meet-ups in major cities continent-wide and they've asked a few of us BlogHer members who are hyphen-obsessed to be your hosts. Your go-to people. Your tour guides, if you will. Vancouver got stuck with me. I apologize in advance.

(Send Chocolate will hold your hair back and not tease you about it for at least nine months, and VDog will lend you her room key when you can't stay upright anymore. USEFUL INFORMATION, PEOPLE.)

We'd love to invite you, all of you, young and old, guys and dolls, mommies and techies and poli-wonks oh my! to a local BlogHer meetup in June. We're tossing around two dates...June 6th or 13th, depending on what works best for everyone. This is just a get-together, not a formal conference or a sponsored event, just something for all of us to come to and meet each other in person. That way, if you can't make it in July, you still can join the fun and if you are coming to Chicago, maybe you won't walk into that ballroom on Thursday night and be completely petrified.

I promise you, it's a better idea that chugging a triple-shot Cape Cod before you go into the ballroom. People bring cameras to these conferences. And your husband knows how to image-google search your name.

We'd love to have you all come. We, locally, have complete creative control over what kind of meet-up we can have. I've got a line on a restaurant downtown that will give us kid-friendly space on a Saturday, but we can do a park, a coffee-shop, whatever. Day or not. With kids or without. Questions, queries, posers? Join the group, leave a comment, and let's get this party started right.

*Dibs on the coffee-table book idea. Just sayin'.


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