Vanity Fair Lingerie is What I'm Talking About

There are a few necessities when it comes to being a girl. (In no particular order ... )  A killer handbag. A cute pair of sunnys. A smart phone. A good skincare regimen. Makeup. That "perfect" bra and matching panties. So when my friends at BlogHer and Vanity Fair contacted me to review a couple items from their Modern Coverage and Illumination® lines, I knew I was cut out for the task. Now let me tell you, I dread bra shopping. It might just be my least favorite thing to do. I ALWAYS have to go into the store and try on a zillion styles before I can find one that works for me....more

Vanity Fair: Sexy Lines Without the Big Price Tag

I told you all before BlogHer this year I wasn't a shopper. I like clothes, hate to shop for them. Well friends, the same goes for underwear. Mostly because underwear is so darned expensive. It just boggles my mind to pay $75 for a bra that will (no matter how much I pledge to wash it on delicates only) end up in the whitest whites wash cycle at some point. Then it's all downhill from there. So I usually just grab them off the racks as I need them. After I got married and the honeymoon luster wore off, the only expensive bras I bought were when I was nursing Bella....more

Bringing Back Sexy With Modern Coverage

So y'all know I love to talk about my boobs, right? I mean I did write a whole post about The Girls. I was recently asked by Fruit of the Loom, the parent company of Lily of France, to continue working with them by reviewing Vanity Fair's Modern Coverage and Illumination® collections of bras and panties. The Girls are also excited to get some more time on the blog. Coming out of retirement can be hard on the ego and all....more

In Praise of a Well Fitting Bra

If there is one thing that can make or break how this little bee feels during the day, it's how her bra fits. I have what seems to be an odd size, 34 D/DD, and it is difficult to find bras that fit. My latest goal in bra-seeking has been trying to find one that does not make my bust look any bigger. Come on now, D is large enough, I do not need extra padding that makes them enormous. At least not in my everyday work clothes, thank you very much! Can I tell you how happy I have been this past week wearing the new Vanity Fair ® Modern Coverage Collection all over town?...more

The Latest & Greatest in Bras - Vanity Fair

17... That's the number of bras currently hanging in my closet! Last month I shared my little secret about my love for Lily of France with you! Prior to this finding I was a "VS girl" all the way. After this finding I'm a "what gets the job done for the best price girl!" So today I'm here to share with y'all my newest secret in bra world. Let me introduce to you Vanity Fair's Modern Coverage Collection! The Modern Coverage Collection is the newest Vanity Fair® line which has been modified from the Full Coverage Line to create a more attractive, sexier line of bras....more

Vanity Fair Bras Really Surprised Me -- in a Good Way!

Last week I received the box of Vanity Fair® bras and underwear I'd have to wear for an upcoming review and, upon first glance, I quickly shoved them back into the box. I initially didn't like what I saw and I absolutely will not "push" a product that I'm not in love with. But a few days ago, as I was preparing to pack them up for return shipment, I thought I'd give them another chance. So I reluctantly pulled the underthings out again, chose the Vanity Fair® Look Lifted Underwire Bra, hooked it around my waist, twisted it, and pulled the straps over my shoulders, expecting to hate it....more