Vegan Banana Bread Animal Crackers

Yesterday I told you about all the cleansing foods I’ve been craving this week. I compared the bodies’ natural detox patterns to trees shedding their leaves in the fall, and we enjoyed a bowl of glorious green soup.

But I kinda left a small detail out of the story and it’s time I let it out of the bag.

I’ve been craving animal crackers.

Little crunchy, sweet, life-like animal crackers.

Dipped in nut butter, eaten plain, or topped with a couple pieces of dried fruit. *drool*

But, when this craving came on I was faced with a dilemma – either buy an $8.00 box of gluten-free animal crackers that contained corn and risk tummy aches, or come up with my own darn recipe.

Bet you can’t guess which option I chose…

Thumbs up for the animal cracker challenge!

While they’re not exactly cleansing, they are ridiculously better (and tastier :D ) than the store-bought variety.

I tried to love each animal equally, but every time I ate an elephant I giggled.

Look at their little trunks!


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