VEGAN Crockpot Meals

Wow, that Christmas break was awesome...Not only did we NOT have to drive around to multiple after-school practices many times during the weeks, not only did we NOT have to prepare lunches for the next day in a panic, before everyone went off to bed, not only did we NOT get home well after dark and throw dinner together at what seemed like minutes before heading to bed, and not only did we NOT have to get up at the crack of dawn...oh wait, I mean way before the crack of dawn. 

....( I HATE getting up when it is still dark just seems so "un-natural."....I mean the sun is there for a reason people, to BEGIN the day, yes???...I so miss home schooling, and sleeping in......well, anyway...)

As I was saying, I needed a break from those hurry- up dinners, knowing that we were headed back and the NOT's were going I got on my trusty wifi friend and went on the hunt for some crock pot meals.   I found a boatload and narrowed them down to about 14 (I will post more later).  I put together a grocery list and we set out for a nearby store with high hopes.  After returning home, we bagged everything up and yes, the kiddos helped out...and even seemed a little excited about the whole idea.  Yes, the last time I did this type of meal planning was many moons ago, and those memories have long disappeared from their minds. 

I did not take a whole lot of photos, because I ran out of counter space for all the ingredients, and many of them were used for multiple bags, but you get the idea, I hope.


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