Vegan MoFo posts you can use: Week 3 + The 30-Day Vegan Challenge Winners are announced! {Vegan MoFo #15}

Post image for Vegan MoFo posts you can use: Week 3 + The 30-Day Vegan Challenge Winners are announced! {Vegan MoFo #15}


Most Sundays I share a Vegan News You Can Use post. In honor of the Vegan Month of Food – and my goal to offer tips and tricks in the kitchen – I will share Vegan MoFoposts you can use.

But first, I have three The 30-Day Vegan Challenge Winners!  I asked everyone who entered to answer this question: What is one thing you can do TODAY to be an ambassador of compassion? Our winners said:

  1. Erika E: I have found that leading by example and responding without judgment to others’ food choices works best. People are curious and ask questions. People (like my husband) may not embrace the issues immediately, but they know they have a supportive source for information and support for any small changes they may make.
  2. Elisa I’ll be volunteering at New Moon Farm Goat Rescue in Arlington, WA…my weekly friday “compassion fuel up” time..when i am privileged to love on the goat, sheep, horse, donkey, dog, cat, and human critters there. Then, I go support a local veg restaurant..The Shire eating! :-)
  3. Michelle C: I try to show my compassion with kindness to everyone I meet. I am hoping that my family will eventually adopt my diet.

Congratulations, Erika, Elisa and Michelle! You are true ambassadors of compassion! Please email me here and include your email address, so that you can be subscribed to Colleen Patrick Goudreau’s The 30-Day Vegan Challenge!

Now, on to the weekly round-up of the Vegan MoFo posts that caught my attention.

Vegan MoFo Week 3:

Vegan MoFo Week 3 in KALE!  

There are more 50 Shades of Kale posts on Snarky Vegan. This week’s stand-out:Leeky kale and potatoes for a leaky heart. Elsewhere in kale:

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