Vegan Pie for Everyone! NaBloPieMo Meets Vegan MoFo

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Happy Vegan Month of Food! Started by Post-Punk Kitchen (which has a fantastic vegan baking tutorial to get you started), Vegan MoFo asks participants to blog vegan every weekday.

To celebrate -- and because I have eaten my body weight in butter already this month, and there's still 21 days of pie to go and, er, Thanksgiving -- a vegan pie-o-rama!

vegan pie

Image by TotalAldo via Flickr.

BlogHers And Their Vegan Pies

NaBloPieMo Pie of the Day: Vegan Cauliflower-Onion

Easy as Vegan Pie took this delicious-looking but dairy-laden recipe for cauliflower-onion tart and veganized it.

I'm in. It's in the oven now.

Do you have a favorite vegan pie recipe? Post it in the comments!

Have you seen all the pies I've blogged so far this month? I'm talking about pie every day in November at the Month of Pies archive.


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