Vegan Pizza Day…was yesterday

I’m addicted to vegan food blogs so it really didn’t take long to figure out that Saturday, January 29 was Vegan Pizza Day. Having just come off of a cleanse I really didn’t want to 1) go to a restaurant, 2) buy a processed frozen pizza, or 3) use processed foods on a pizza. So, I decided to get creative.

Okay, I did start with a prepared whole wheat pizza dough, which I brought to room temperature and rolled out.

Then I added:

*A layer of Cashew Cheese Modification:  I used red wine (that’s what I had) and just 1T of nutritional yeast.
*A layer of my tomato sauce  Modification:  I used half a jalepeno instead of Louisiana Hot Sauce.
*A layer of Refried beans  Modification:  I added half a jalepeno to the pressure cooker.
*Kale (2 leaves, torn from the stem)
*1 small shallot, sliced

I baked the pizza for 15 minutes at 450 degrees.

Don’t bite into this expecting a traditional pizza taste. Do bite into this expecting fabulous, subtle flavor!  I loved it!

Did you make a pizza for Vegan Pizza Day?  Or go out for vegan pizza? Share a link to your pizza in the comments section!

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