Vegetarian Airplane Food!

Traveling back home (we left Germany on Monday and got home close to midnight on Thursday) was exhausting, but fun. I didn't feel like taking many pics, but rather just living in the moment - so I did. Lovely restaurants, pretty Christmas decorations, jet lag and all. :)

I did take a few pictures on the flight, though, so here they are:

I flew with Delta airlines, but booked KLM and it was a booking disaster! The flight crew was friendly, though, so all was good once we were in the air. :)

My Delta airlines lacto-ovo vegetarian lunch. I ate it all up - yum yum!

There was some mix-up and they didn't have my vegetarian option for the second service (boo!), so they gave me a few things to put together: chocolate-vanilla swirl gelato,  peanuts, 3 packs of pretzels, and two trays of fruit made for a tasty ice cream sundae to keep me going until we landed and I could get real food.

Once in Boston, it was a struggle to stay awake until a reasonable hour - we barely made it to 8pm. But then we were all up shortly after 2am! Trying to sleep was pointless, but let's just say that so little sleep made me a bit odd for the rest of the day.

As shown in (Pinterest-viewing) progression pictures:





Then again, isn't that what one always looks like when reading the humour section of Pinterest? :P

What are you doing this weekend?

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