Vegetarians, Don't Miss The Gravy Boat Again.

Thanksgiving is (pretty much) here again and as a vegetarian, I can say that it’s not particularly one of my favorite holidays.  Shocking, I know.  It’s not because of the oft uncomfortable family gatherings or that its centered around a turkeys and hams, not at all.  The reason I can live without Thanksgiving as a whole is because from my perspective I see a lot of nonvegetarians go out of their way to be “sensitive” to the eating requirements of their vegetarian guests to the point where it can make things even more awkward.

In a nutshell, I don’t like Thanksgiving because I don’t like the overwhelming feeling that everyone else thinks that I’m being deprived of something on that magical, magical day.

Trust me when I say this- there are so many heavy side dishes on an average Thanksgiving menu that 99% of the time just about any lacto-ovo vegetarian you could ask would probably be thankful that they didn’t have to add some turkey on top of it.  There’s no real need to go out and buy a fake turkey (have you seen a tofurkey?  They look like an acorn with two cat butts stuck on either end) or make some special dish.  The average vegetarian can get by just fine on mashed potatoes, out of the bird dressing and the vegetables.  Plus, unless you’re serving mincemeat pie, you can always make up for it on the dessert table.

Still, maybe you want to bring something to a Thanksgiving dinner or want to think out of the box for dishes for vegetarian guests.  I’ve compiled a list of great dishes to make from previous Unprofessional Cookery posts that are guaranteed to make everyone happy.  So crack open the third bottle of Merlot for yourself and get festive!

Thanksgiving Dishes Vegetarians Can Be Thankful For

Main Dishes:

Ryeberry Pumpkin Risotto


Homemade Pasta

Side Dishes:

Kabotcha and Celeriac Mash



Spicy Tamari Almonds

Homemade Mozzarella

Sauces and Accoutrements:

Persimmon Chutney

Quince Conserve

Pickled Lemons



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