VegFest Colorado Recap + Vegan for Her is Available TODAY!

I’m reeling! Saturday morning I headed up to Golden, CO (no time for Coors!) to be a vendor for the first time at a Veg Fest.  Selling copies of Vegan for Her, natch!

Vegan for Her at VegFest Colorado

I was pretty much over the moon at VegFest Colorado because in addition to selling 25 books on day one, I got to introduce the keynote speaker John Schlimm, someone I have adored from afar and finally got to meet. Later that day I also got to meet theVegan Black Metal Chef, who is a complete and total rock star and super-nice.

JL goes Vegan Black Metal Chef

As I was working my table a nice gentleman, who seemed so familiar to me, walked up and said hello. OMG! James McWilliams! We have “known” one another online – I shared a “vegan conversion story” on his site a year ago and we are both involved withOur Hen House. I immediately asked if we could take a selfie photo. He said yes!

JL Fields and James E. McWilliams

The next day Ginny and her husband Mark joined Dave and I at the Vegan for Hertable.  We had tons of fun! In the afternoon I did a cooking demo + presentation on tips for the busy non-cook and pulled Ginny up to share nutritional information on the topics I covered in my talk.

JL Fields and Virginia Messina at VegFest Colorado

It was standing-room only and we had a blast.

James was in the audience for the cooking demo and he wrote about it yesterday on his site. His utter kindness and support rendered me rather speechless. You see, I get some backlash about ‘my kind’ of activism. The whole food thing. The whole, ‘meeting people where they are’ thing. And to have an animal rights activist and thinker like James, who I admire beyond words, get what I’m doing and to share it, well, like I said, I am speechless. And moved.   [click to continue…]

JL Fields is coauthor of Vegan for Her: The Women’s Guide to Being Healthy and Fit on a Plant-Based Diet and writes the blog JL goes Vegan.


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