Venus Williams Shocks the French Open With Her Racy Tennis Dress

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When I saw the pictures this morning the mother in me screamed "VENUS EBONY STARR WILLIAMS! WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WEARING!" I am a pretty liberal person. It is not easy to offend me by talking about sex or using coarse language, but I admit I cannot believe that Venus Williams wore this outfit outside of her house.

Venus Williams French Open Tennis 2010

I really can't believe that she wore this outfit to play in the French Open. Outside. Where people were looking at her.

Seriously, what the hell am I looking at?

Venus Williams French Open 2010

If that little black lacy number isn't supposed to be lingerie, I don't know what one would consider unmentionable.

Many were referring to her tennis dress as lingerie and we can see why.  Venus wore nude nylon booty shorts underneath her “costume” —- the same kind that caused so much controversy at the Australian Open.

 - Bitten and Bound

And no kidding. At one point I was entirely convinced I was looking at Venus Williams' bare ass, and while I find Venus to be an attractive woman, this is neither the time nor the place for partial nudity.

News everyone! She designed it herself.

Whistles and whispers circulated through the stands, a reaction brought about not by Venus Williams’ play, but by the outfit Williams designed herself. The fashionista, who has her own apparel line called EleVen , told the press it was all “about illusion”  which, she noted is “a lot of my motif this year” when it comes to clothes design.

As Williams ran and jumped her way around the court, the tennis dress —- designed to give the illusion of being see-through —- was prone to several revealing moments. The black overlay material made the dress appear as if it was see through, even though it was not. To add to the raciness, she also sported skin-colored underwear, which was visible to fans and photogs and gave the illusion that she wasn’t wearing any undergarments at all.

- Pretty Tough

I don't mean to be a bitch, but maybe she should either stick to playing tennis or designing intimates, because outerwear that is not.

Of course Venus won the match. Venus almost always wins the match. She is an extraordinary tennis player. I just wish she would show some respect for the game. I think I am actually offended as a tennis fan.

I am sure that there are people out there who think that her little outfit was great but when I did a google search for May 24th with the words: Venus, Williams, French, Open and Outfit and the exact phrase "I liked it," there were zero matches. I guess you can interpret that however you want.

It seems to me that Venus Williams was playing two games at the French Open, and she only won one of them.

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