Verbal Cancer

Had an interesting conversation with a follower who was lamenting about his personal situation.  Because we've both been fighting similar situations, I sent him some words of encouragement.  He responded with his version of the problem, and I responded with mine. We're complete opposites - he's (male, obvi) and non-white - I'm a white female. 

I spent some time in Chicago last Summer and Fall. I was taking classes, but also, I had heard about this phenomena, and had been affected by it.  I wanted to see, first hand, what was happening; and how it worked.  I don't know much more about it than before, but I do know for sure - it spreads fast.  It isn't exclusive to a set gender, or race, or socio-economic status. Social media has exacerbated this kind of "social culling" - and it's growing at an alarming rate.  Soon, I doubt that "marked" people will be able to "just move away" from this phenomena.

All I can say, is "Rise Above."


It's not just false rumors and character assassination, this has been going on for many years and it is destroying my life.  I speak spanish, therefore I have been able to find out exactly what it is all about.  Those people are all pigs, they do that to anyone that is not like minded.  That's how that control things, they do that in order to make people that they don't like leave.  Unfortunately, I have no money and can not afford to move, or even hire an attorney.
You would not believe the things that they have told people over the years.  Just about everything from, that I was crazy, a cop, federal agent, drug dealer, gay, ugly.  Just recently, they started telling people that I look like a security guard.  Out on the street, that really means whistle blower.  That's why I can't find a job, I don't even have a life because of that.  
You are right, they do that to a lot of people some of them aren't even aware that is going on.  That's how they antagonize and ostracized someone, they call it dropping a seed.  Spanish people call it "the hand will submerse you" in spanish.  Then they start telling people that you are a drug dealer, drug addict, gang member, or crazy.  They know that if they keep doing that, after a while people will believe that it is true.  These people are sick and very dangerous, and they are not just spanish people, it's pigs in general, they all do that.  They start doing that when they are in school, unfortunately these people never mature past a certain age and continue doing that same thing even after they get out of school.
Ugh. That's terrible.  Do you know who is doing it?  Spanish speakers?  Who are the "pigs?"  What kind of school?  High school?  College?
Have you tried starting an online blog and documenting it all?  I did this. It helped with some issues I was having with my family's history (which I knew nothing about), and all the child abuse that went on in my family.
It helped set the record straight for some, and pissed off others - but they couldn't do anything, obviously.  Seeing as how all the abuse and foster care is documented with my state.
Of course, social media amplifies the bad rumours - but there are ways to fight that too.
Good Luck - let me know if you start a blog - I'll help spread it around.
It starts in grade school, and unfortunately I don't know who these people are. It seems like they are everywhere.  As I stated before, they are not all spanish people.
It might start there, but I think it's also exacerbated by criminals.  I've read that it's a way to groom teens into a life of sexual slavery.  The unwitting gossip mongers don't realize they have a hand in this kind of terrible crime.  It's an absolute shame.
P.S.  Thank you so much for sharing.  I hope you don't mind if I post this anonymously.  It will go well with my blog.  
No, I don't mind, it will help to inform people about the things that go on in Chicago.  These people are all evil deviant criminal element.  The Chicago police even stated this on the news a few years ago.  A lot of these people practice voodoo or some other type of black magic.  They have even found human body parts in some of their houses or apartments.  The FBI stated on the air several years ago, that there are more prostitutes in Chicago than in Florida, California, and Nevada combined. A lot of the people in Chicago and the Chicagoland area are swingers, they even do that at work.
I think when an area gets so bogged down with ostracised people that can't get jobs, those people then turn to "base" behaviors to support themselves. To me, Chicago is ground zero for this kind of activity.  Makes sense that so many are prostituting... most likely in exchange for jobs, etc.  Unfortunately, once the word gets out that someone has been "marked" - they are then fodder, bait, for even more bad people to come along and take advantage.   Read: "Hey, give me a BJ and I'll give you a job.    It's why I don't date.   It's why I will continue to run my mouth off, until someone hears me.  It's why I will continue to speak out against people taking advantage of others.  It's also, unfortunately, why I don't have too many friends.  ;-)
P.S. The people I've been dealing with speak English, are educated, and mostly female.  This kind of torment isn't exclusive to immigrant or non-english speaking populations.
That's all true,I have been marked.  As for friends, I don't have any, my life's natural order of progression has been shut down.  I'm 47 and I still live at home and I don't have anything to show for 47 years of life.  No wife, no girlfriend, no kids, no friends, no bank account.  It's like I don't have a life at all, just an existence. 
You are absolutely right, they actually think that they can train people into becoming sexual slaves.  That's what they do if they do not go along with it, I've heard that they even do that at work.  I've also heard that half of them are afraid that I will turn them in, the other half are afraid of how I will react.  They think I'm jealous, that's the reason why they don't like jealous men.  In fact, they don't like straight men at all.  I'm 6'1", 182 Lbs., and have 20 inch shoulders.  That's what I have heard them say, they don't want me around because I make them look bad.  Most of them are gay or bisexual, just about all pigs are. "It's all good" that's what a lot of them say. Meaning men or women, it's all good for them.
To be fair, I think there are gay and bisexual people that are monogomous and want nothing to do with this kind of behavior.  So, when you say "pigs" you mean chauvanist pigs? Or just nasty people in general?  Or cops?    My situation was far more complex than someone simply wanting to get in my pants.  There was years of cover up with my family and an ex-boyfriend, and when I got close to making something of myself - they "dropped a seed" to women I worked with, and things progressed from there.
Do you volunteer?  Have you checked out any online gigs?
(Also, it helps to have friends in IT.)  :-)))
I don't volunteer because I need to find a paying job.  I also don't drive, I don't have any money to buy a car.  As for checking online jobs, I do that all the time.  Unfortunately, I've been unemployed now for four years,  Length of unemployment is a barrier to finding another job.  Once a person has been unemployed for four or five years, it became very difficult to find another job.  I have heard that most people find good job through network not online. That is also a huge problem, I don't know anyone.
Okay, now it sounds a little like you're complaining. :-)  
I've been to several free networking events in the last few weeks, and there are always meetups, and free online courses to meet people.  
Good luck to you, sir.  It gets better, it really does.
Obviously, my friend's frustration was coming through.  When this is happening to you, you may lash out at any group - "pigs" or "swingers" or the religious, or even the government, to try and explain the pain you're going through.  It's a feeling of utter despair.
Until, one day, you figure out you are simply powerless, and lashing out only makes things worse.  And, eventually, you learn to stand tall in your shoes, and cherish the people that are still (authentically) reaching out to be your friend.


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