Verified: I am a total wackjob

I am angry too because I know how I got this way and I know that my sister’s issues and my own are closely intertwined so I am angry for what happened to her too.  I’m sure I’ll discuss this more as we go along.  The anger is intense because I am having to really confront what happened to me as a child and what the ramifications are.

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I am fortunate to have been in therapy for so long because that did help me find ways to deal with many of the issues I have like abandonment, eating disorders, anger issues and my black and white view on life.  The literature discusses dissociative issues which are interesting because it’s not what I had always thought and what I am sure the general public thinks – Sybil – but is instead much different.

I want you to know my blog isn’t going to suddenly change to a mental health blog but I really want to show you a real face behind mental illness, the highs and lows and hopefully, the triumphs.  I hope I can change the way you see mental illness and I hope I can count on your support.



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