(VIDEO) VH1 DO SOMETHING AWARDS! August 18th on VH1 ...

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Tony Hawk wants you to get out there and do something. Also, my camera is a celeb magnet, and I'm never giving up my secrets, but more on that in my upcominging video montage of celebrities grilling me about my set up as their publicists rush them past. But since I've discovered my secret interview-getting weapon, I'LL NEVER TELL.


In all seriousness, the night I spent at the VH1 Do Something Awards (yes, the very same DO SOMETHING that was started by Andrew Shue back in the Melrose Place days...) was one of the most inspiring night's of my life.  And not just because I got to meet Wilson Phillips and Tony Hawk.   ...Stay tuned for full coverage tomorrow once the secrets are out!

The Do Something Awards will premiere tomorrow night, August 18th at 9/8 central on VH1.

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