Victim Mode: Don’t Be An Eeyore

Many of us have gotten in the habit of being a victim in our own lives. We think “Oh, that stupid police officer gave me a ticket, so of course I’m pissed off right now” or “Oh, well, I had a bad childhood and that’s why I turned out the way I did” or “My boss doesn’t appreciate me and I’m underpaid.”

In each of these situations, can you control what the other person is doing? No.

Can you control how you choose to react to them? Yes.

That’s called starting to take responsibility for your life. It doesn’t mean that you won’t have the thought “My boss doesn’t appreciate me”. The mind will still chatter on to you and you can’t control it.

But what you DO have control over is how you choose to BE once you have that thought. You can wallow in it and continue to get annoyed with the person, or you can shift your attitude to being more positive and caring for that person and becoming curious about what part of YOU has created this situation. And that shift is completely under your control.

Remember the character Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh? Poor Eeyore. Bad things were always happening to him.

Rather than taking responsibility for his life, Eeyore would moan and complain about all the awful things that were depressing him. Eeyore is the ultimate victim.

Whenever you’re wondering whether or not you’re taking responsibility for your life, picture Eeyore and ask yourself “Am I being an Eeyore right now?”

If the answer is “Yes”, then there is something you’re not taking responsibility for and I encourage you to be curious what you can control.

Vanessa Loder
Founder & CEO Akoya Power, LLC

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