Victoria Holt, Romance Novelist to My Heart

Author Eleanor Hibbert early on in my life became near-and-dear to my heart. Her heart-throbbing and soul-melting romance novels, written under the pen-name Victoria Holt, were my first in the adventures of True Love. I was a young stay-home wife looking to find something to do in my quiet, spare moments, and Grace N., a very dear friend, introduced me to our local library. I was given a card and checked-out my first book, Lord of the Far Island (1975). Well, from the first chapter I was hooked!

 Lord of the Far Island, Victoria Holt

Soon I was back to check out Mistress of Mellyn (1960), the very first in the series—for a total of 32 books in the series, and eventually I read them all in order. Today I own them all!

I read Victoria Holt’s novels one after another; they were like candy. You couldn’t read just one. Her style of writing was so different from today’s modern romance writers; her stories left a lot to the imagination. Somehow that made the book even more intriguing. I didn’t get all the juicy naked take-your-clothes-off details you get today. I didn’t need to have that. I was left to imagine the moment of romance for myself, to envision the simplicity of passion. Ah! Now that’s romance, that’s love.

Once I finished the Victoria Holt series I moved on to read, and did finish, books written under the pen-name Philippa Carr, the Daughters of England Series, beginning with Miracle At St. Bruno's (1972). These were a total of 19 books in all. However a single novel was later added and released in 1995, simply called, Daughters of England, begun by Eleanor Hibbert before she passed away in 1993, and later [assumed] finished by her personal assistant. Today I own the entire collection of these books too.

Eleanor Hibbert also wrote under many other pen names, but another well known historical series were written under the pen-name of Jean Plaidy—I am also proud owner of this entire collection too!

To read a book is to travel a great distance; to behold a canvass of wonder; to taste the implausible; to conjure the exotic; to make a dream a reality! (vka)


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