Victoria's Victories!

How many of you have heard the story about the three year old girl that was mauled by three vicious pitbulls?  Well, in case you haven't, her name is Victoria and she is absolutely adorable. 

How this tragic accident happen was, she was visiting her Grandfather and his girlfriend, when three vicious dogs broke into the house. Once they did, the dogs began to attack Victoria, brutally. Because of this, Victoria lost her right eye, suffered broken jaws and is paralyzed in the right side of her face. 

Her Grandfather shot and killed two of the dogs. Later, the Grandfather and his girlfriend was arrested on child endangerment charges. Victoria has been mentally scarred, to the point she doesn't even want to see herself in the mirror, a statement made by her Grandmother. And this next incident didn't help anything.

According to reports on Twitter and the Huffington Post, Victoria was asked to leave a KFC Restaurant, because she was told she was scaring the other people, who were trying to eat! Can you believe that? Can you believe the heartless attitudes that some people possess? I mean, just hateful. Her family is outraged and rightfully so. They took to Facebook to make their voices heard about the situation and they are definitely getting strong responses. As a matter of fact, they have over Thirteen thousand likes on the Facebook page and someone made a suggestion that I think would be great. Someone tweeted that they should add a Paypal link onto the Facebook page. And I completely agree. 

A spokesman for KFC said, that this restaurant is officially under investigation. Actions are going to be taken, as so they should! Crap like this, just cannot go on. It's not fair to Victoria. And how dare these people be scared of her? They should be outraged and feel ashamed of themselves for this. 

She is a sweet, innocent and beautiful little girl, that didn't ask for this. She didn't ask for these dogs from hell to come in and attack her. She didn't ask for such horrific situations to happen. But since they did, it's up to all of us. We must pray for her, we must show our love to her and her family. And sincerely hope, that some justice happen to this KFC Restaurant. It is just disgusting how people react to some things. But, they don't know. Their hateful, heinous actions, will be the ladder that she climbs, on her way to a beautiful life. Filled with great health, excitement, a great education, a strong career, falling in love, having a family, because trust me, she'll have all of those things. And we all will see it done. Watch and see. 

If you want to know more about Victoria and you want to help, log onto Facebook, to the following address.

Together, we can work with this young lady to fix this situation. 

Pray for Victoria and this family. And pray for those people at KFC, the crew and the diners. Because they need it!


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