Victory Steps Christian Weight Loss Tips and Testimonial from Rachel

My weight has fluctuated up and down since I was 14 years old. Now here I am, a single mother of 3 children battling the same body image issues that I had when I was a teenager. When I look in the mirror I’m still dissatisfied with my appearance. My fat stomach, fat legs fat arms and fat thighs disgust me and make me feel sad. When I see thin women I get jealous of them, when I see people bigger than me, I feel much better about myself. I know this is wrong, but these are the feelings that spring up inside.


When I watch television I see infomercials that advertise weight loss pills, exercise gadgets and white powder to sprinkle over my food and I think to myself, “Hmmm maybe that will work.” But deep down inside I know it will not work just like that spa treatment that was supposed to get rid of my cellulite did not work, that slimming body wrap did not work and that personal training (that I paid all that money for) did not work either.


I feel bad for making God the last resort to help me lose weight, but better late than never right? It’s time for me to reach out to God because He is my source of life, love and my entire being. God is a loving, giving and forgiving God. I truly believe that He sent His son Jesus Christ down to the Earth to die for our sins, and give us access to an abundant life as we live now and when we die and go to Heaven.


I want to be blessed in my health, so I can have the energy to teach God’s word without the being ashamed of my body or too tired to leave the house.


I found the Victory Steps Christian Weight Loss Coaching program online two months ago and it looked interesting. I never had a weight loss coach before or anyone to hold me accountable. When I would go on diets in the past it was always alone with no one watching me. The cabbage soup diet, Atkins Diet and South Beach Diet all helped me to lose weight but I gained the weight back very quickly plus more.


I signed up for Victory Steps two weeks ago and started getting the weight loss coaching and I already see that this is what I needed all along. I’m learning about better ways to pray over my food and how to eat the right foods to burn fat. My clothes are getting looser and my energy levels have shot up 100% and I seriously did not think this was possible. I was jaded by all of my failed weight loss attempts from the past but I know that this time is different because now I’m using my faith in God to help propel me towards my goals.


I would highly recommend the Victory Steps program to any woman who wants to lose weight the right way and stop doing it the wrong way. My Victory Steps coach is a kind Christian woman who is dedicated to serving other women with the information and motivation to lose weight. I appreciate the time and dedication these coaches put into helping others. The program is very affordable and does not cost thousands of dollars like some of the other programs I’ve seen.


So far, I am pleased with this program. The coaching is great, the food and fitness plan is great and the spiritual growth aspect of Victory Steps is phenomenal. I thank God that this program exists and I’m glad that I found it.