In Vidalia, Louisiana, Watching the Mississippi Rise

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Editor's Note: Emily of The Louisiana Bride, who lives in Vidalia, has been blogging about the flooding of the Mississippi River. In her post The Great Flood Freak-Out of 2011 last week, she noted that the water hasn't been this high since the Great Flood of 1927 and outlined a plan of action should the levees break. Today, she gives an update on Vidalia as well as the Natchez, MS side of the river. -- Julie

As of 8:00 the river is currently at 57.76 feet and is excepted to crest at 64 ft. around the 22nd.

Just so you know Silver St. usually sees some flooding when the river gets past 55, this happens every few years. The problem is that Vidalia never gets any big water issues. It is still amazing to me how people are freaking out about this when they have zero control over it.

Read the full update with video on The Louisiana Bride now -- and send Emily your well wishes.

Mississippi flood
Image: The Mississippi has already flooded further north in Memphis. © Karen Pulfer Focht/The Commercial Appeal/

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