[Video] The Return of 'Mad Men' -- What Did You Think?

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The gang at Sterling Cooper Draper Price is back, and as usual tonight's two hour season premiere is rumoured to be more build up than action, but with the anticipation of the style and swagger of the 60s (I'm assuming it's still the 60s, but more on that in a minute) the show brings along with it, I personally doubt I'll notice or care.

Season six is still a few hours out from its premiere, but the Internet has been ablaze with Mad Men Mania for at least a few good weeks, with a plethora of posts discussing everything from what to wear, to what to eat & drink, to where to eat and drink it to ring this newest chapter of the beloved series.

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Creator Matthew Weiner has always been spoiler-weary, doing his best to keep the show's secrets under wraps, and this year is no exception -- he's taken great pains to make sure that a number of reveals remain just that, most noteably the year the season takes place, sending a note to critics who recieved previews of the premiere requesting that they not reveal the date (amonst other things).

So, let's talk about it! When we last checked in on Don Draper and co, it was Spring of 1967. Now, I guess it's never safe to assume, but my personal guess is that we won't be picking up where we left off, but couldn't possibly be skipping ahead past the epic years of American History that were 1968-1969. And since it is believed that the show will end with season seven, I'm putting my wager on the premiere taking place in December 1967, based on the Christmas decor in the teaser above, placing Season Six largely in the historic hotbed of 1968. (Although I suppose Weiner might find narrative value in seeing what changes the 70s bring to the world he's created before saying goodbye, I just can't imagine skipping over 1968.)

What do you think? Place your wagers, winner gets bragging rights until next year.

Mad Men Season Six premieres tonight at 9/8c on AMC.


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