(VIDEO) Check Your Data, Psychology Today: All Women Are Beautiful

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A week ago, BlogHer Contributing Editor Laina Dawes wrote about the Psychology Today article that blew our collective minds.

On Monday morning, Psychology Today published an article by blogger Satoshi Kanazawa, who argued that, based on a study in which respondents were allegedly interviewed over a period of seven years (on an objective and subjective level), Black women are viewed as less physically attractive than other women. While the article disappeared from the site by lunchtime, many people (who probably knew what was coming) .pdf’d and re-posted the article -- charts and all -- in its entirety.

While we all picked up our jaws off the floor, Own Your Beauty host blogger and author of The Beauty of Different Karen Walrond dusted off her data and put together this amazing video in her post Empirical Evidence That We Are All Beautiful, which she has graciously offered to share with you here.

I could hear her voice in my head as I watched, and I thought well, now, isn't that the only rebuttal we really need?

Karen blogs about beautiful people -- all of us -- at The Beauty of Different and Chookooloonks. See her 1,000 Faces for more data points.

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