Video Interview Part 2

Here's the second part of the interview I posted yesterday. Tomorrow I meet with these ladies to chat more.

It's interesting, the questions I get sometimes. In the end, I often have to remind everyone that I don't know everything - in fact, all I know are teeny tiny parts of some things - although, for whatever reason, these things tend to be enough to push paradigms and start to dissolve closed-minded barriers, which I'm all about :) Much like my experiences with racism, I've found that much of the time, most people just haven't thought about this issue much. Once they do, they often admit that yeah, it does make sense that there is other life "out there," that it is intelligent, and that it has even interacted with humans on Earth - after all, as David Wolfe says in his book Amazing Grace (a wonderful read that I'd recommend to anyone, and that I've read enough times that I'm proud to say that my copy is somewhat tattered,) if even one UFO sighting is real, then there are UFOs flying around in these parts of the Milky Way. If even ONE abductee or contactee story is true, then people are being abducted and contacted. Kind of hard to disprove everything.

Okay. Enough jabber. On to the interview.

In other news, I'm putting together a health course that will be open for enrollment either this week or next week, we'll see how quickly I can finish the curriculum. 

As always seems to happen, the last few weeks in a city are our busiest - things are going to be very exciting now!


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