(VIDEO) Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" -- Is Her Madonna Parody Sly, Sexy, Silly, or Sad?

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Editor's note: Possibly NSFW. Depending on your work.

Lady Gaga's new video for the ABBA-esque single "Alejandro" takes the continual comparisons of her to Madonna and jacks them up to absurd levels.

The simulated sex with gay back-up dancers (Gaga told Larry King the video's ""celebration of love and appreciation for the gay community") is raunchier -- so much so as to be off-putting. The nun outfit is latex. The conical bra sports machine guns. Madonna's "favorite photographer," Steven Klein, even directed the video.

In an article in The Atlantic that came out before the "Alejandro video," James Parker wrote:

Madonna, the Madonna of the conical bras and the dancing myrmidons, had a similar thing going for a while, but tempered always with her rather frigid sense of self-importance. Gaga is post-Madonna and therefore freer: bandaged in yellow police tape or pounding at the piano with one leg up on the keyboard, she fears no trespass on her dignity.

I think the "Alejandro" video proves that last sentence, and I love it. But what do you think? Is Lady Gaga, as Editor Rita Arens puts it, "a white-hot blob of pop nothing?" A Weird Al for millennials? The Matthew Barney of YouTube? A genius? A feminist?

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