Rihanna to Oprah: Her Post-Abuse Relationship With Chris Brown (Trigger Alert)

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It seems like everyone has an opinion about it. Seeing those photos of Rihanna's bruised, swollen face at the hands of then-boyfriend Chris Brown struck a chord in many of us that continues to reverberate. It's no surprise, then, that three years later the events following Clive Davis's 2009 pre-Grammy bash still continue to surface in the pop culture conversation...

On Oprah's Next Chapter, Rihanna opened up to Mama O, confessing, among other things, that she forgives Brown and loves him, although they're not dating at this time.

Rihanna is being both praised and criticized for the interview. Jezebel published a sympathetic but revealing post pointing out how Rihanna's personal choices could affect her fans -- and citing an upsetting reader email -- those currently in abusive relationships:

Whether she wants to be or not, she is a role model to women in similar situations. Yet it is not her responsibility to guide or advise her fans. She can only do what feels right for her. Of course, by virtue of being so well known, she is a beacon, to some. Just this morning — hours after Oprah's interview aired — we received a desperate email:

"Can u help me talk to rhinna
Im a single mother has been attack and hit and head into the floor over and over. I wanted to talk to rhinna I need help with my case I win a restaining order but I have a little girl now he want to see her but I'm afraid for her life now thanks u I will give u my phone but please don't put my phone where he can see my phone or get it thank u I have change my phone four time in two months and close my house thank u"

While the show aired, Chris Brown was busy tweeting (since deleted) melancholy self-portraits as reported by Perez Hilton:

Could these sad snaps be a public reaction to RiRi's heartbreaking chat with the Empress of talk shows?!

Whatever these Twitpics mean, we only hope Chris is growing and developing as a mature, respectful adult who would never use violence to address an issue…

And lest ye forget the Twitterverse, who mostly just mocked her outfit...


Did you watch? What do you think?

(For more from the interview,visit Oprah's Next Chapter online.)


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