(VIDEO) What Do You Mean Gameboys Are Vintage?

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Today's children may have various forms of technology available to use for fun and educational purposes. However, they're not really aware of what came before their iPods, DSis and Wiis. In a funny video making the rounds, a group of French children take a look out our old stuff and try to figure out what it is they're touching. Laughter and nostalgia abound.

Just the other day my husband and I were discussing the old Nintendo Gameboy. We both had one and were fans of the Zelda game that went with the gaming system. Neither of us really know what became of our Gameboys. I wish we did. Then we could be all hip and cool and vintage! Or our kids could just make fun of us.

If you're already feeling old today, you might not want to watch this video. But maybe you should anyway. The truth is that technology has advanced so much and so quickly over the past 30 years. Watching these children try to figure out what these things are might make you feel a bit superior that you not only remember time before it but that you've gone with the flow and learned so many new things over the years.

Note: The video is in French with English subtitles.


My favorite? "That's a camera." Now I want to find some old disks and pull the metal aside ... and take a picture with my DSLR. Or iPhone. Or some other technology that these kids might understand.

What technological relics do you still have hanging around your house? Do you use them or are they just collecting cobwebs?

Contributing Editor Jenna Hatfield (@FireMom) blogs at Stop, Drop and Blog and The Chronicles of Munchkin Land. She is a freelance writer and photographer.


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