Viktor & Rolf BonBon (2014) - Olfactory Sneak Peek {New Perfume Review & Musings}

The relationship between fashion and perfume has been an ambivalent one at times yet an economic necessity - and even a creative one you could argue - once it came to light that both industries could benefit immensely and symbiotically from the partnership. Since the days of Worth, Poiret and Chanel, the newly baptized "designer perfumery" category has come to be viewed as overly consensual rather than elegant for some perfume critics. Fashion however brings glamour to fragrance but also the ephemeral quality of trends and seasonal styles. Perfume would prefer to be eternal, cross the centuries unharmed in its formulation and unchanged like the most cherished and intimate memory of your life. There is thus co-nourishment but also tension...

Chantal-Hélène Wagner

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