Violet's embroidery...

She's done!  It was not quick, it was slow and methodical.  Some days she only did a couple of stitches while others she stitched and stitched... IMG_8103




And now, she's finished!  IMG_3390And now, it happily hangs right next to her bed where she can see it often.

Thanks to Jenny from Stumbles and Stitches who wrote this post and got me thinking about this embroidery idea for Violet!

And one note:  Violet used a large plastic needle for her project.  This worked great because she helped to thread it herself and there was no risk of poking herself.  That being said, the large eye in the needle also caused the embroidery floss to slip out several times which was very frustrating for Violet.  To fix that I simply tied a little knot to keep the thread in the needle IMG_3389

no more frustration and happy crafters!

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