Viral Video: How Not to Hit on an Asian Woman

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We've seen some pretty odious examples of how women can be objectified because of their race, but a video that's going viral on YouTube shows just how ridiculous it can be.

Thien-Kim of I'm Not the Nanny takes a break from writing about her Asian-Black family to talk about this tongue-in-cheek video by Caitlin M. Boston called "How to Hit on an Asian Girl".

I just remember that the boy down the street had a crush on me. Or rather, the idea of me. His father fought in the Vietnam War and he was obsessed with it. He asked me questions about the war. Um, I wasn't even born until after the war. He asked me if I ever wanted to go back to visit. Um, I was born in the United States.

I only wish they had cast some actors who didn't look like complete tools in this video, because I've heard some of these lines from otherwise fairly "normal" guys. Watch the video here, and then read the full post on I'm Not the Nanny.

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