The virtues of lemon

The virtues of lemon and some Lemon pasta

We associate easily the lemon with drinks, to fight a big cold or the flu, and we are all aware of the high vitamin C content of this fruit. However, the lemon has so much more to offer. I am using tons of lemon in my everyday cooking but i am also drinking the juice of a half lemon everyday for a clearer skin.
Therapeutic use of Lemon: 
Antiseptic: Lemon is a powerful antiseptic and very useful to fight all infections, especially colds and flu. It is also effective with urinary infections, bladder and kidney. Its diuretic action also accelerates the elimination of toxins. 
Circulation: The lemon would also help lower cholesterol. Its action on the blood system is noteworthy. We have seen that the lemon has the property of blood thinning. Lemon is, for example, very effective against nosebleeds.
Lemon skin: There is nothing like a lemon to rejuvenate the skin. Lemon helps maintain the pH balance of skin. You can make a mask for the skin by mixing equal parts of lemon with honey. To heal a wound, a few drops of lemon juice will act as an antiseptic. To treat eczema you can use it mixed with olive oil or sweet almond.

Old remedies

  • A little fresh lemon juice added to an infusion of herbs or taken as is with a little honey is an old remedy used against sore throats and upper respiratory tract infections.
  • Lemon juice helps reduce congestion and eliminate mucus that impedes breathing.
  • Another old remedy involves applying a thick slice of lemon on abscess or other type of rash.  

Wherever possible, use organically grown fruit, which are free of pesticides and are harvested at a more advanced stage of maturation. Always eat the lemon at least two hours after a meal and wait twenty minutes before eating other foods after consumption.

This is a very good pasta that is so easy to make. I am making this often. 

Pasta Pepe e Cacio (Lemon Pasta)
excerpted from À la di Stasio by Josée di Stasio. © Transcontinental Books, 2008


1lb/ 454g spaghetti or other long pasta Finely grated zest of 2-3 room temperature lemons Juice of 2 lemons
1-1/3 cups FRESHLY grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese or Romano and/or a combination of the two
5 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
Freshly ground black pepper, to taste
Handful of fresh basil, snipped 
How to make it
 1. Boil the pasta as directed in lots of salted water. Drain and reserve ½ cup cooking water.
 2. While the pasta is cooking prepare the sauce in a large serving bowl. Add lemon zest and juice with cheese and olive oil. Mix well

3. Drain the pasta allowing a little water to cling to the noodles. Place over the sauce in the serving bowl, and toss well. Add the basil and pepper, toss and taste, adding some pasta water if necessary.
30 minutes to make
Serves 4

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Photography by Chugy, infinitewhite


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