A Visit to the Sweet Auburn Curb Market

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On Day Two of BlogHer Food 2011, participants will head to the Sweet Auburn Curb Market, a collection of food purveyors that has been operating since 1918. From local produce, meats, cheeses and seafood to food-related retail and specialty shops, the visit to this market is a great opportunity to get a sense of Atlanta's local food routes and culture.

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Cecilia Dominic of Random Oenophile visited the market recently with her husband, and highlighted where it's located and how it got its distinctive name:

Auburn Avenue is a block north of Edgewood, and the district is designated as "Sweet Auburn" because it was a prosperous business area for the city's African-American population in the mid-twentieth century. The "curb market" is so named because segregation at the time meant that the blacks shopped outside, while the whites did so inside out of the elements.

Maryellen Pienta of Life without Bells visited the market for the first time earlier this year:

It reminded me immediately of a smaller version of markets I'd seen in Boston, Baltimore, and Helsinki, with an assortment of butchers, bakers, candlestick makers and places to eat as well as fresh produce and a pharmacy.

Atlanta blogger Willamae Boling of Flour Child Baking recommends the market highly, and described a visit there one afternoon:

I get a little giddy when I am around vast quantities of food, particularly good food, so I, obviously, had a marvelous time. At one point (this was post barbeque) I found someone who was selling (for $2) ice cream cones filled with pudding with Grand Mariner cream on top. So I was happily eating my pudding and contemplating a beautiful tray of puff pastries (pastelitos) with Emma when she, also eating a puddincone, screamed. I looked over, and saw that she had found another layer of cream at the bottom of the pudding, and I also screamed.

You can also see some more photos from the market on Safer than the Known Way.

Have you visited the Sweet Auburn Curb Market before? Will you be joining us on the visit during BlogHer Food 2011? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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