Vitamin B-12’s Top Five Benefits for Women

By Jo Garcia, Lifestyle blogger.

Are you thinking about using Vitamin B-12 to improve your health but you need a little more information to take that next step? Everyone needs B-12, but did you know that this vitamin has got some pretty significant benefits for women? Once you understand the rewards, you could finally be ready to incorporate B-12 into your daily routine.

Beautiful Woman

For the Dieters – Trying to shed a few pounds? Vitamin B-12 aids in the metabolizing of fats, carbohydrates and proteins (all the yummy things you can’t resist). So if you need a little extra help fitting into those skinny jeans, Vitamin B-12 just might help you get there.

For New Moms – For moms who choose to breastfeed, you should know that Vitamin B-12 deficiency in an infant can cause anemia, irritability, poor appetite, apathy and developmental delays, among other symptoms. Some women who breastfeed  develop a mild vitamin B-12 deficiency after delivery. Determine your proper B-12 levels and intake with your doctor.

For the Beauty Queens – Essential for healthy skin, hair, and nails, Vitamin B-12 helps in cell reproduction and constant renewal of the skin. Try not to let yourself become deficient in this essential vitamin because deficiency could lead to a number of ugly symptoms such as dry skin, wrinkles, acne and brittle hair and nails.

For the Career Woman – We all could use more sleep and B-12 could be your ticket to a full 8 hours. Talk to your doctor to see if this could be why you are having trouble getting a good night’s rest.

Get More Pep in Your Step – Maybe you already exercise and sleep right and are wondering why you can’t seem to find that much needed energy. B-12 may be your answer as it converts carbohydrates into glucose. This nutritional balance helps create energy production and a decrease in fatigue.

How much B-12?

The average woman’s daily requirement of 2.4 micrograms of B-12 (different for nursing or pregnant women) can be acquired through a normal diet. However, many of us need a little extra help when it comes to nutrition, so supplements are a great way to make up for a lack of B-12 rich foods in your diet.


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