Vitamins: Love 'Em or Leave 'Em?

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I remember my children's vitamins clearly. They were pastel purple, pink and yellow, and they tasted like Pez. I longed to take the whole bottle, for I loved them so.

And I don't give my daughter vitamins with any sort of regularity.

We've tried from time to time. When she was a baby, we gave her some vitamin drops of some sort after her pediatrician recommended them. I can't remember if she recommended them when I was breastfeeding or when she was on formula. After that, we didn't worry about it for years on end because she was such a good eater of the vegetables and the fruits and the meats. I figured she was getting everything she needed from her food.

My girl never really went through an all-white-food stage or anything like that. I tried giving her vitamins earlier this year when she started getting nosebleeds, but she hated them. It was such a struggle to get her to take them that we just upped the ante on fruits and vegetables and started making her drink orange juice more often. I have no idea if the nosebleeds were connected to diet or if her nasal passages were just really dry, but they stopped, and we stopped forcing the vitamin issue.

From time to time I'll look at them perched on top of the refrigerator and wonder if I should buy a different kind, if I should try harder, if I should force it. Honestly, she eats a varied diet and has vegetables with every meal, so in the long list of daily battles (what to wear, she won't let me brush her hair, but I have to brush her hair, and she doesn't want to go to school, and she doesn't want to take a bath, and she wants to eat Backwards Dinner, and she wants more books, and she is really upset about the state of American healthcare) I just don't have the energy to fight the vitamin battle.

Also? I'm a little afraid of her loving them too much and wanting to down the whole bottle.

Do you give your kids vitamins? Are they really necessary? Do they really help? I just can't tell.


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