Vittles: Fast, Healthy, Family-friendly: Not the Oxymoron You Might Think!


Welcome to the BlogHer Food '11 liveblog of the Vittles: Fast, Healthy, Family-friendly: Not the Oxymoron You Might Think! panel.

Stacy Ferguson
laurie David inconvenient truth, the family dinner
melissa Lanz- fresh 20

LD:every issue i care about crosses over the dinner plate
SF:getting healthy food on the table fast
ML: canned beans minimally processed but lined with BPA
LD: perfect is the enemy of good, go from perfect, take the pressure off what dinner is- soup and salad/pbj- talking
SF: start small changes, hard at regular grocery to eat unprocessed
ML: healthy isn't just about what you make it is about the attitude that you are putting into it, slowing down, cook with whole unprocessed food, kale is the new black, kale chips, faster than take out
kids involved
LD: stats 2hrs a day for internet, kids 8hrs a day with electronic device not including texting, question is priority not time, 2 cups of white beans with olive oil and chopped kale, benefits of sitting down to a homecooked meal
all the things parents worry about can be improved by sitting down at dinner table, civilize kids, 1st community, get back tp healthy living
SF: no computers at the table
LD: no phone during dinner

Where food comes from, part of community

LD: family field trips, ethnic grocery, markets, respect for food, connected to food we would waste a lot less
ML: getting kids excited about food, picky kids eat more when they are involved with getting their food
LD: teach kids that food doesn't have to taste great, takes kid 10-15 times to develop their palate, cook for food family not for kids
ML: fast food is vegetables, pick out of garden or crisper and eat, when kids like veg pressure of getting a fast meal together is gone, crudite dippers, veg and fruit are family friendly, consistency
LD: participation meals- get food ready but something left to do at the table, make a pot of chicken soup and deconstruct it- all ingredients in little bowls on table, pour broth from tea kettle, every one names soup, name your nights
make your own, taco tuesday
ML: menu on refrigerator door to excite kids, organize your family to create anticipation
SF: theme nights
LD: lesson that it doesn't take that much time, set the table, create some grace, this is important, this is sacred
SF: bananas come from safeway;)
LD: whole generation thinks water comes from a bottle, associate water with food
ML: put things in water, cucumber, oranges, berries, mint- at table
LD: everybody can grow something, grow mint, kale, if you have a window sill you can grow mint, best science experiment, simplify life
SF: cherry tomatoes, daughter so excited about it
LD: what does fresh taste like
SF: take cues from family
ML: create habits, family food culture is so important, yearned for more fresh food, you can chg family food culture at any time, best opportunity possible, clean fuel that you need
LD: no more apple juice with meals, your kids don't get to decide, you do. Juice is sugar
SF: husbands are picky
LD: meatless mondays, husbands are big problems, modelling everything to kids, meat issue is important, 99% of meat bought is factory farmed, unhealthy and unsustainable, for the health of planet reduce meat
ML: switch ratios, meat from 50% of meal to 20% of meal
LD: diet related illness is #1 killer in america
ML: kids life expectancy is less than parent, as bloggers it is our responsibility to elevate what we are writing about, small changes, one chg a week, week w/o red meat
LD: forks over knives documentary- info so powerful and relevant to every person, if you eat you need to see this film
ML: family whole health
LD: one in 3 kids is overweight, 3 things to put your kids on a course to not be overweight #1 family dinner, #2 adequate sleep, #3 limit tv
ML: no screen time during meals, best part of your day, tell you at dinner mom
LD: dinner time is access to you, kids want more quality time with family, tv is a huge problem, set your rules, not hundred just a few, no screen time at table, lack of respect for the person who created meal
no texting, if phone is brought to table I get the phone, the last thing your kids want is for you to have the phone, they need a break from this stuff- dinner time is perfect time

biggest challenge is community activities like sports etc, snack stand at ball field

LD: cultural shift, single most important activity is family dinner, we are home for dinner, race to nowhere, activist and advocate, it doesn't have to be this way, enormous cultural shift that this is least important
ML: make ahead is great for sports nights, kids cannot go without eating a meal before activity, cannot go without good clean fuel, family will be late if necessary, make ahead, stick food- veggie skewer, fruit skewer- eat at practice
find the ways to make it work,

Andrew welder- eating rules- it is really important that family is not just kids

LD: whoever you share your meal with, roommates

snack bar, junk food, probably not the only mom who is frustrated, write a letter to the editor, fruit only at snack bar, form a bond with other moms

ML: take it on, there is nothing more important
LD: you need to write about this on blog
SF: school lunches, goop, small ant in hill, commit to it
ML: anytime you cook for an event, birthday party this is your opportunity to speak to community, at birthday circuit to have all fresh food, creative ways to show people, show them how to do it

Kids menus?

panel: never order from kids menu
ML: everyone needs to be vocal
SF: meal planning
ML: this is my mission, I meal plan, start to get excited about food that I was eating, organizing, shop at farmers market with family, do prep on sunday-chop veg, grill meat, having menu planned- blend meals, refrigerator salad at end of week
simplest thing gets all caught up in this perfect idea of dinner, being there is more important, take it easy on yourself
LD: leftovers, if you don't have leftovers you have done something wrong, potluck with friends
SF: what is the best way to go to farmers markets
ML: a little bit of planning
LD: carrots, celery, onions basis for everything
ML: bake off veg for the week, don't over buy at farmers market

Andrew- how do you have time to do all of this if you work during the day

ML: planning ahead, know your kitchen, clean out pantry, bring it down to herbs and spices that you use a lot, buy the best that you can
LD: don't buy strawberries at farmers market, don't assume that organic
SF: grocery shop all on sunday, plan menu for week
ML: pressure cooker, slow cooker meals can take 10 mins, rice cookers, roasting ahead of time

Andrew: eating rules- whole grains, no high fructose corn syrup, no deep fried food/nonhydrogenated fats

ML: building habits
LD: take back control of what we are eating, chemicals in everything, get off food grid
SF: just started getting milk, eggs bread from local farm, different taste

ML: #1 complaint is cost, think of budget we spend 10% on fresh food, my kids have a connection to what they put in their mouth to how they feel, we can find money for anything, prioritize, bombarded with packaged food
start with dairy, spend $10 extra dollars a week and buy organic dairy, eating seasonal
SF: ethnic neighborhood grocery, local
what you feed your kids has a direct correlation to allergies

robin obrien- follow unhealthy truth

LD: kraft makes mac n cheese with no dyes in england but we accept it here, 74% of antibiotics for to healthy animals, as moms and food bloggers these are issues we have to talk about

comment: fish seafood, people are afraid of cooking fish, omega3 help with allergies, changes in seafood industry, there are fish companies that are doing the right thing, encourage to explore

ML: include fish in menu, fresh, local
LD: make your own choices, be educated, environmental working group, dont be in denial
ML: balance, plants everyday, variety, whole picture of nutrients
LD: obsessed with quinoa, ultimate time saver

kid-friendly food

ML: dummied-down food is doing them a disservice

SF: packing lunches and snacks
ML: homemeade granola, fruit kabobs, veg dippers, leftovers
LD: waste free lunch, everything that food is packed in comes back home, no prepackged
SF: kid sized benot boxes
ML: giving kids choices to pack lunch, granimals for food
SF: snack chart for snack masters
ML: weelicious has ideas
LD: best tools kitchen scissors

monterey bay seafood watch cards, kids wanted to participate in decisions in what fish was good

parting thoughts
LD: dinner makes a difference in every way
SF: baby steps
ML: im not perfect