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I have an interesting twitter name that was created on a whim and stuck. I was named after a photograph that was found online of a cat somehow kicking a dog in the air. It was all very random but my name @kungfupussy, came about as that photo was my avatar for the longest time. 

When I hid behind that image it was easy to say what I wanted as I was anonymous. No one really knew who I was. Then I started to get bored. I wanted to talk to more people. I changed my avatar to a photo of me and added my real name to my account. Oh, you are a real person, people would say. Of course I am a real person, I would reply. Once I added a real photo of myself my interaction with people changed. It became more real, more personable, more social. I really enjoyed it. I was still me, I still said the things that I said when I was hidden behind the cat photo but I felt confident enough with myself to be able to do it. 

Then came today.

Today I posted my first vlog. 

I thought it was time to give another reveal and have myself on video so my twitter followers and blogging followers could see, once again, that I am a real person. So without makeup, and messy hair, and daggy clothes I recorded myself talking on my webcam for the very first time. My very first vlog. 

Then I got scared. The old anxiety came back. What if people thought - oh that's it? She's nothing special. But then the more confident me kicked in and replied, who cares what they think Susan, this is the next step.

I posted it. 

Have a look - http://www.susanfujiki.com/2011/06/vlog-me.html 


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