Vlogging Boot Camp - Part 2


Catherine McCord

CJ Bruce

Speaker 1 - Catherine McCord

Who in the room has ever made a video? (large number raised hand)
Who actually posts videos on their blog? (half room raised hand)
Who posts once a month? (raised hands)
Who posts once a week? (raised hands)

Started videos to teach parents how to cook and cook with their kids without losing their minds in the process.

Does videos without a lot of editing because I want to show everything real time.

Do not edit videos to perfection as you should be able to see real emotion.

Turned blog into a business beginning last year -- want to see people's blogs as a passion as well as a business. Rebuilt weelicious after meeting with 26 companies, 800+ recipes and a ton of content.

Video for the past 1-2 years has been the #1 monetization source for weelicious. Had to spend money to get it but information is available as a source.

Brands and PR are looking for more bloggers to make video content -- they feel like this area is lacking in many ways.

People are not watching videos for the vlogger but for the content -- do not hesitate to upload jpeg pictures of the content to draw people in.

Giving people as much accessibility from your videos to your blog is key as ultimately all video contact needs to point back to your blog.

Speaker 2 - CJ Bruce

President of NewAntics

First session primarily about production, this session is about marketing your videos.

SEO tips on how to discover your videos through search

Video Marketing Strategy
- Where is your audience
- What kind of video content do you watch
--how to videos?
--product videos?
- Where are they watching videos
--Blip TV

YouTube Optimization Tips (showing what was wrong with what is on screen)
- title is just the brand, does not say anything about the content
- People just upload their videos but does not provide any additional information

Annotations - allow you to link to other areas of you tube, allows people to like videos, etc
- no likes

Description of the video was missing
- No call to action on the video
- No additional links on the YouTube video
- Little engagement within the video - need to comment back when people comment on your videos. This leads to more people subscribing or to view your videos.
- Videos need to also be smart-tagged - go on to any videos that are like yours, look at the tagged words and press share -
This will pull down very specific words that are related to the video file that you can use for your blog.

Question/Comments: Google Keyword - free - can see how many monthly searches are done for each words + how competitive these words are.

You Tube Optimization Tips: After (showing what was correct)
- This starts with a broad keyword description, then the specific recipe name and finally the brand.
- Video has an annotation that links to the latest video to make the video interactive and links back to weelicious blog. Call to action after the video is very important
- Keyword rich description with a link within the first two lines
- Additional links to social media and main website
- Many descriptive tags both specific to the content and more general
- Include an additional link to the video towards the bottom of the video
Organize your video into a specific topic
- Always have your brand tag within your video. if you have a name that is not unique, you may want to think about adding a unique tag to your videos so that You Tube can make sure that all of these videos belong to you and not grouped in with other videos on YouTube.

YouTube Optimization - Results after 3 months
Video Views + 135%
Likes + 304%
Comments + 344%
Subscribers + 50%

Video Marketing Tactics
- Video SEO
- Call To Action - if there is something that you want your reader to do, ask them through facebook, annotations, etc. Make sure that you tell your viewer within the first 15 seconds what they will be getting, as well as towards the end of the video, make sure you tell the viewer the same thing, i.e. "For more....., go to Weelicious.com."
- Collaborations - finding other people on line that are doing the same thing and or have similar audiences and reach out to them. Can we collaborate together to share audience and get exposure?
- Guest Blogging -
- Paid Promotion - make sure to reach out to small brands to build relationships.

Video Monetization Opportunities
- You Tube Partner Program

Extra Features (i.e. changing thumbnail, having a store, easier access to support, quicker copyright approval, etc)
Will not make a living on YouTube Parner Program
- Pre-roll advertising
- Syndication
- Sponsored Videos
--Do not start with this - build content first and pitch to brands so that they can see what you can do. Think about the costs involved while making a video (i.e. hard costs vs soft costs such as time, production, travel, equipment, etc)

Average cost to make a weelicious video: $110
- affiliate Programs
--if you don't have your own products, the easiest one to start with is amazon.com, can put these links within your video and/or blog - can make between 6-8% of the purchase price of all products the reader will purchase

Tweetable take-aways
- titles, descriptions and tags are how search engines know what your videos are about. Make sure they are descriptive.
- Always have a call to action in your video that tells your viewer what you want them to do, i.e. buy, share, comment, subscribe.

Question: Do you still invite bloggers to your studio?
Catherine: My studio is either your kitchen or my kitchen - takes 15 minutes to set up. Very expensive for studio.

Question: What was the name of the company that you used?
Catherine: Newantics

Question/Comment: Two tips from Adobe:
- Link to other videos, can help with You Tube ratings
- Make sure that your tags are within the scope of your video and try and use the small tags all the time.

Question: What camera do you use:
Bruce: Go to website newantics.com/blogher for recommendations

Question: If you upload your videos to you tube, can't you just embed the videos to your blog or do you need to have some sort of player?
Bruce: Yes. You can embed videos onto your blog. The other video player is more for advertising (i.e. BlogHer Network)

Question: Do you have any editing software recommendations?
Bruce: PC: Adobe Premiere, Mac: iMovie or Final Cut Pro
Catherine: Apple Store has great tutorials and classes to help you learn.
Bruce: YouTube also has free tutorials.

Question: What is the trend in videos? What do moms want to see?
Catherine: The trend is what you want to share: do not let others define what you want to show on your site. Your passion is what people what to see on your site. Also be sure that you keep things specific to your topic.

Question: how do you find someone to help you shoot your video?
Catherine: Stay local -- teenagers, culinary school students, etc. These people need and want the experience. Collaboration is key.
Bruce: Ask your audience. Tell them that you are looking for help and solicit volunteers.

Question: How are you able to play one video after another?
Bruce: YouTube playlists automatically play video after video. Can have videos in multiple playlists.

Question: Where are you based?
Catherine: Los Angeles

Question: Can you do videos yourself? Do you have any tools that will make doing videos on your own easier?
Bruce: Videos should be placed above the fold for easier viewing.
Bruce: Tripod, flipcam, etc